The 3rd Alternative – Dr. Stephen R. Covey's Most Significant Work.

Even in our conflicted times, now and again we catch a glimpse of the better thing. Dr. Covey shows us how to seek that better thing and transcend our deepest disputes. Desmond Tutu
In The 3rd Alternative, Stephen Covey urges us to chart a course beyond the suboptimal solutions to all our crises—beyond left and right, and beyond the many false choices in front of us. The 3rd Alternative is a wise and welcome echo of Einstein’s warning that the problems we’re facing today cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them. Arianna Huffington
In The 3rd Alternative, Dr. Covey inspires us to think differently about solving problems than we ever have before.We must set aside our differences, including our boundaries, languages, economics, politics, and cultures and work hand in hand together to create solutions which are greater than the problems we now face. Muhammad Yunus
Dealing with differences — in business, politics, economics, and elsewhere — is fraught with peril. Emotions, misunderstandings, insecurities, and ego can all stand in the way of coming to mutually beneficial agreements or in changing how people perceive a problem or an opportunity. Stephen Covey culls inspiring insights from his profiles of numerous thinkers, who each achieved positive results by developing unique ways to come to agreements or change people’s perceptions that, in turn, would lead to once seemingly impossible results. Covey has carefully developed a model that leaders will find extremely helpful
in a world beset by countless conflicts. Steve Forbes
You can “get” Stephen Covey’s message in five pages — or less. But I dearly hope you will carefully read and apply every page. Stephen has given us a precious gift — but like most profound ideas, it is the daily, conscious practice that can or will transform your life. Tom Peters
Dr. Covey has done it again. The 3rd Alternative is not only powerful reading—it answers some of life’s most challenging questions. A must-read for all future leaders. Jon Huntsman, Sr.
In this book, Covey reaches out way beyond his familiar domain, to the universe, and has come up with a social vaccine capable of addressing, if not resolving, the existential agonies and angst that we all face, as individuals and to the organizations and societies that we live and work in. In this olympiad vault, Covey has written his most ambitious and hopeful book, in my own view, a masterpiece to benefit all of us doing our best to live in peace and justice in this messy world.Warren Bennis
Stephen Covey’s most important book. Seth Godin
Once again, Stephen Covey has nailed it. In this latest book, he offers meaningful advice for navigating life’s toughest challenges. It’s not about “my way,” or “your way,” but seeking out “our way.” Bill Marriott
A most compelling approach for addressing the most challenging issues of the day. It is an inarguable formula for success in the corporate world and beyond. Doug Conant

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The 3rd Alternative

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From the multimillion-copy best-selling author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People —hailed as the #1 Most Influential Business Book of theTwentieth Century— The 3rd Alternative introduces a breakthrough approach to resolving conflict and creative problem solving. Dr. Stephen R. Covey, one of Time magazine.s 25 most influential Americans, brings his formidable insights to our toughest personal, organizational, and social challenges.